With Brexit, happening and financial institutions in canary wharf moving to Europe, will canary wharf escorts have as much clientele?

There are a lot of Canary Wharf escorts that are sharing their stories about the impact in there lives because of the Brexit vote. The majority of canary wharf escorts said that their income was negatively affected because of Brexit. Their earnings slowly got smaller and smaller as the financial institutions left. Even though it’s not drastic, it still has a significant impact on their lives. In the past, topic escorts would earn seven hundred pounds in a week with little problem, but now it’s getting harder and harder for them to hit the seven hundred pound mark every week. Many of the escorts believe that it will only get worst and worst as time goes by.

They are getting more worried because the time may come that being an escort is not worth there time anymore because they have no more client. If Brexit had never happened, there would not be any complaints about clients slowly disappearing. They said that in the past they did not worry about clients at all because there is always a lot of them now it’s pretty bad. But there are also a lot of people that say that Brexit does not have any impact on the canary wharf escorts income. It is only coincidental that the customers are getting fewer and fewer. They believe that soon business will go back to normal and people will not panic anymore. Financial institution only has a very few percents in the total clients of the escorts. While it might still be very unclear what is happening, one thing is for sure; escorts are not happy with the Brexit vote.

It’s not only because of the reason that their client is slowly vanishing. It also has a lot of negative impacts on an escorts life. A friend of mine tells me that she is considering retiring from escorting because the pay is much smaller now. She is angry because of the brevity vote. But people are sagacious. I believe that someone will have a solution in the future. It may be right that there are a lot of clients that are moving out, but there are also a lot of new clients conning if from Europe.

People just need to find the positive thing and focus on it. While it is effortless to find an escort that has been negatively affected by Brexit. There are also women that have been more successful this time than the past. I meet a girl named Amelia. She told me all about her story, and it’s fascinating. Her story is opposite from the others. in the past she did not have many clients, but now her career is booming. Soon that Brexit moved from Europe. She has a lot more new costumes that before . for some reason she found a lot more people that are very interested in her than in the past.

Amelia also told me she is not the only one who was benefiting by all of this. Amelia said that they have twice as many customers than before, while this is good news to some. People are still not sure about becoming an escort at this time. Women that are wanting to be an escort is slowly dwindling. In the past, the numbers of people that wanted to be an escort were very high, but now that number is only meager. That is why more and more escorts are slowly thinking about finding another job because being an escort does not provide the income.they need anymore. If you are the kind of escort that do not have any loyal clients you will surely get broke Amelia said.

This is a tough time to be an escort. It’s also unfortunate because they do not have benefits like ordinary people who work in the office have. Now is the time that the government should step up and help them but sadly they are not doing anything about it even if the government already knows about the escorts problems. But there are still a lot of people who are staying strong also if their clientele is slowly vanishing.